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Jobs and Economy, Fair Taxation, Health care & Education


A career in broadcasting gave Maclovio the experience to guide, relate and help a wide range of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. As a community leader, Maclovio has been involved in countless community campaigns. As a “veteran”  in the news room Maclovio was vigilant on presenting a news information that was accurate and responsive to the community. As a meteorologist, Maclovio was always factual and responsible in informing the public on severe events, whether severe thunderstorms or hurricanes.

Like many of you, I have grown frustrated over the past few years over the direction of our national discourse and the devise political campaigns that have afflicted our country.

There’s been: Too much bickering, too much gamesmanship, too much obstruction. It makes you want to give up.

But NO, Bad things will happen… if good people don’t step up.

Here are a few ideas I have that will give you some idea of how I would vote if YOU were to elect me as your next Congressman.


Laser Cutting

We must find a way to balance a living wage with the growth of the economy. Profit is important, but so is a business that merits dedicated customers and that will be around for many years.

Invest in training, certification and advanced training, in line with where the economy is growing.

Support Union Jobs and training programs. Unions provide the best training programs and internships for new workers.

Any person displaced by out changing economy deserves a right to be retrained into a job that is secure for the future. Sign them up for Junior College and give them a stipend for 12 months.

Pass the Build Back Better so we can invest it our country and provide work opportunities and economic growth.

Promote fair and transparent markets so everyone can compete and thrive.

Support Anti Trust regulations that break up monopolies and trusts that stifle competition and innovation. We did it before, it’s time to do it again.

American jobs were not sent overseas by immigrants. It was greedy corporations that went looking for cheaper workers. Your government let them leave. It’s time to bring them back.


Windmills on green field

Nobody likes being regulated. But everybody wants others to be regulated. So, which is it?

The era of big oil is coming to a close. Oil companies must face the facts that the world will run of cheap oil this century. To deny that is to be an ostrich with your head buried in the sand.

 Electric Vehicles, Solar Power and Wind Power are rapidly expanding across the globe.

Texas oil companies must diversify their portfolios and get into the world of clean power…. Or else they will be left on the sidelines.

We don’t need oil from Middle East. We can power our country with wind and solar energy.

The sun gives us all the energy we need to power the planet EVERY DAY! We should harness it.


Typing on a Computer

Broadcasting worked for this country for 75 years because it was regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.

In the 1980’s, Cable TV managed to dominate the communications market with no regulation.

Today, the Internet is the Wild Wild West with no law and order to be found. And foreign hackers are busy everyday stirring up more conflict.

The Internet is still considered a luxury and is not treated like the utility that it is. With more “work from home” and more virtual schools, the internet is now as necessary as electricity.

Freedom of speech is not unlimited! There is protected speech and UN- protected speech. Unprotected speech and anything that willfully fraudulent and leads to law breaking

Social media, especially Facebook, is filled with propaganda, misinformation and conspiracy that has ruined the fabric of our country, not to mention the rest of the world. There must be  transparency on who is writing the communication and who is observing your communication. We have libel and slander rules that are still on the books. If tech giants don’t police the veracity of their content….then the FCC will do it. It has plenty of experience.

The social media platforms need to do better at regulating their products…. or else the government will have to impose guidelines


Holding Plant

Our environment is not an optional luxury.

Without clean air, clean water and healthy soil our future as humans is very much in question.

Climate change is real. I have been studding the atmosphere it for 40 years.

 We know how to fix it and we can start today.

 But billions of dollars have been spent by the fossil fuel industry to raise “doubts” about the impending doom.

We know who was responsible for confusing the issue and delaying any mitigation for the past 30 years. Those days are over.

Full finding of the EPA is necessary. They helped us get rid of DDT. They helped us get rid of LEAD in the air. My view is that the EPA must lead the way not only in regulation but they need to be a problem solver for industry.

EPA must be empowered to exercise oversight to those harming our environment and support those business in converting to more efficient use.

The EPA philosophy of  “The Polluter Pays” had some impact back in the day. Today corporations just “buy” a Congressman to do their bidding.

Just look around at your lakes and rivers. Or that a look at your utility bills. There is no denying that our climate in changing. Our world will be getting hotter and hotter. Unusual weather disasters will become normal.

The fix is very easy. All we have to do is move to a carbon free economy. A few companies will have to change with the times, so that the rest of us can live.. It’s inevitable. It is necessary for us to live on this planet. There is no other planet we can live on. Adapt or die, the saying goes.

If you take a molecule of Oxygen – ( O2) and a molecule of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and leave them in the sun, the molecule of Carbon  Dioxide will heat up twice as fast. That has been a proven fact since the 1700’s.


Classroom Lecture

Every Texan deserves access to a quality education. It is required by the state constitution.

Education is our obligation to families and the economic well being of our state.

If you think Public Education is expensive….try ignorance!

Charter schools were invented to pull away the best students and funding for our public school system with the intent to stymie public education. This is a well known fact in education circles.

No public tax dollars should be given to private schools.

The State Board of Education should have appointed members who are experts in education. Not political appointee who follow orders from the Governor.

Federal support to our schools to extra security officers and more counselors to help the children cope with life today.

No Child Left Behind left American schools behind for a decade. Remove testing programs that require high stakes testing. It doesn’t work.

Forgiving student debt by the federal government would be a single shot in the arm for the American economy. The money freed up from debt will be used to purchase.

Why is college education becoming so expensive? An advanced degree can cost you up to 100,000 dollars. The student is underwater the day they graduate.


Ear Checkup

Health Care is a basic human right, not a benefit that can be removed at the whim of your employer.

Health checkups give us healthier population.

Support the Affordable Health Care Act.

Expand Medicaid to cover more Texans and protect Medicaid guarantee for children the disable and the elderly.

We can lower the cost of premiums and prescriptions by using government purchasing power to make it affordable.

Achieve universal healthcare coverage with a single payer system.

Protect the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Family and Medical Leave Act to insure healthy families.



We are a nation of laws.  They should apply to all.

Support all Americans be paid equally and treated fairly, regardless of their gender.

Support policy that end wage determination and close the gender pay gap.

government accountability

US government building

We must mitigate Big money in politics.

Mega corporations don’t have any loyalty to our country, just their profit margin. Gotta keep those stockholders happy!

Our governments, state and national elected officials are beholding to lobbyists and big funders. They are supposed to work for you, they wind up working for the funders.

Our hard earned money that goes to Washington is supposed to improve our lives and safety.

Reform Political Action Committees

Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and return the power to the electorate.

End gerrymandering by EITHER party. A neutral commission is the way to go. It’s working in other states. We should have a non partisan commission in charge of redistricting and end the practice of racial gerrymandering.