Texas Roots, Traditional Values, Timeless Courage

For over 40 years, Maclovio Perez worked in the news media, with roles ranging from news reporter and anchorman to meteorologist. He reported in media markets from Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles and Corpus Christi. Every night as the Corpus Christi meteorologist, Perez reached into the homes of hundreds of thousands of residents of TX 27 Congressional District.

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"I do not like the tone that American Politics has taken over the last few years". Our Congress is being "gamed" by Republicans concerned about who was more loyal to Donald Trump...than what was best for the people they represented. 


Our campaign will focus on “kitchen table” issues that impact

working families across the district, from creating good paying jobs that can support a family and health care that covers everyone.

I will never abandon the working class of TX-27 for the rich and powerful, like Cloud did, and I will make sure the wealthiest and powerful will pay their fair share to make sure this country moves forward and benefits all of us.