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Classroom Lecture

Every Texan deserves access to a quality education. It is required by the state constitution.

Education is our obligation to families and the economic well being of our state.

If you think Public Education is expensive….try ignorance!

Charter schools were invented to pull away the best students and funding for our public school system with the intent to stymie public education. This is a well known fact in education circles.

No public tax dollars should be given to private schools.

The State Board of Education should have appointed members who are experts in education. Not political appointee who follow orders from the Governor.

Federal support to our schools to extra security officers and more counselors to help the children cope with life today.

No Child Left Behind left American schools behind for a decade. Remove testing programs that require high stakes testing. It doesn’t work.

Forgiving student debt by the federal government would be a single shot in the arm for the American economy. The money freed up from debt will be used to purchase.

Why is college education becoming so expensive? An advanced degree can cost you up to 100,000 dollars. The student is underwater the day they graduate.


Ear Checkup

Health Care is a basic human right, not a benefit that can be removed at the whim of your employer.

Health checkups give us healthier population.

Support the Affordable Health Care Act.

Expand Medicaid to cover more Texans and protect Medicaid guarantee for children the disable and the elderly.

We can lower the cost of premiums and prescriptions by using government purchasing power to make it affordable.

Achieve universal healthcare coverage with a single payer system.

Protect the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Family and Medical Leave Act to insure healthy families.



We are a nation of laws.  They should apply to all.

Support all Americans be paid equally and treated fairly, regardless of their gender.

Support policy that end wage determination and close the gender pay gap.

government accountability

US government building

We must mitigate Big money in politics.

Mega corporations don’t have any loyalty to our country, just their profit margin. Gotta keep those stockholders happy!

Our governments, state and national elected officials are beholding to lobbyists and big funders. They are supposed to work for you, they wind up working for the funders.

Our hard earned money that goes to Washington is supposed to improve our lives and safety.

Reform Political Action Committees

Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and return the power to the electorate.

End gerrymandering by EITHER party. A neutral commission is the way to go. It’s working in other states. We should have a non partisan commission in charge of redistricting and end the practice of racial gerrymandering.